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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Trashing Firelands

Sporeggar EU is a convalecent backwater realm. Hence it should work as an example of how hard it is to get together proper pugs.

After doing my daily crap yesterday I saw a call for a Firelands trash run on /trade, I sent a whisper and got invited. Half of us, me included, had never seen the place as we zoned in.

There were some ugly wipes, the expected QQ, and then we started learning both trash and each other quickly. I'm pretty certain we botched quite a few of the mechanics during the run, but even so we didn't even bother with getting a new dps after one had to call it a day.

If our pug could nine-man most of the run with half of us neewbs, then there really is no excuse for staying out of these runs if you're a casual tank like me. One run saw me at some 1700 odd reputation, so I'll expect six instance resets to hit just below honoured. That's where easy trash stops giving rep, but I've come to understand that you could push above on a wipe-run on some of the harder trash if bosses are beyond your reach.

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