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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Those last twenty

If you don't have access to raiding spots, something which all too often happens to me, but still grind out the 980 VP weekly, then you're likely to run into the revenge of the twenty.

You did a couple of randoms, and then BH opened up. After that you did more randoms, and now you're stuck with 960 out of 980 weekly VP.

So, do them or not?

For practical purposes, don't. They're worth just a bit above two percent of your weekly gain. In order for the difference to make up for even the trinket you need to grind those twenty out for 35 weeks. That's about the lifetime of the entire content patch.

If you have nothing to do, sure, but at least don't live under the illusion that it'll make any noticable difference.

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