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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Loot update: 4.3 raid

Head over to MMO Champion for a read on the candy dropping from the upcoming Dragon Soul raid in patch 4.3.

Being pugadins we're likely to be most interested in the drop table for LFR. A short summary below:

Shield: It's as close to perfect as it can be. Ok, both gem-slots aren't yellow, and the socket bonus is dodge rating. Still, remember that we're likely to cap 102.4 even as pugging tanks, so excess mastery isn't as welcome as before.

Sword: Highest dps with RNG self healing instead of defensive stats. It's an interesting alternative.

Axe: Mastery and crit rating, the latter for reforging. I'm not entirely positive we'll be allowed to use the new spec-based need option for this one.

Bracers: What's there not to like about these ones?

Belt: Avoidance, avoidance, everywhere avoidance. I'm not entirely happy about these, but two yellow sockets are nice.

Belt: This is rather obviously a dps belt, and as such you shouldn't expect to be able to roll for it for a long time. When that time comes, however, I wonder if this belt isn't better than the tanking belt due to the mastery if we're sitting shy of the 102.4.

Shoulders: Another dual avoidance items, and again with a yellow socket. We can't forego mastery in too many slots if we want to hit the 102.4.

Shoulders: Dps shoulders for the mastery starved. Same story for this one as for the belt.

Feet: A pretty perfect pair of boots. Sure, dodge had been even better alongside the mastery, but some of our gear has to come with parry on it.

Ring: An absolutely superb ring. You want it.

Ring: The dps counterpart. If you can grab this one you can reforge away the hit-rating into dodge.

Trinket: Stamina with an RNG six second shield should you dip below 50%. That said, the shield soaks 43%, so it's rather sweet for fights where you're getting huge bursts of damage infrequently. I still dislike the RNG though.

Trinket: Stacking avoidance. 78 dodge rating on your attacks, and max ten stacks. If you're above 102.4 and have decided to go the MDR route, this is the item for you.

Trinket: Stamina with RNG mastery on your attacks. It's an unholy crapton of mastery, so on proc you'll hit 102.4 almost no matter how you decided to gear. We're talking in the order of 20% increased block chance here.

And the LFR drops tier 13 tokens as well.

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