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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Lunar festival

This has pretty much nothing to do with tanking in any form, but it's a minor heads-up for those of you who haven't done this seasonal achi yet.

The world elders are just a boring grind, and should be handled according to tips on, for example, WoWHead.

The elders in the dungeons are also mostly attributed with correct information. However, all elders are perfectly reachable by a soloing tankadin.

Remember that at 85 our aggro range is really minor, so a lot of mobs, and indeed a few bosses, are easiest bypassed in a way that would have been impossible at lvl 80. The only theoretical problem, Skadis gauntlet, turned out to be a joke. Just shoot the dragon down while pushing AoE damage. The mobs are vitually unable to hurt you anyway.

Another side trick: If you're running random BG:s, queue up while inside the dungeon you're slaughtering your way through. Join the BG after having honored the elder. After the BG you'll get ported to the outside of the dungeon, thus removing the need to backtrack your way out of it.

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