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Monday, February 6, 2012

PVP tank nerf in action

So, I've had almost a week to try out the changes since they removed vengenace from PvP.

The result is, hardly surprising, that our damage has become insubstantial. This, in itself, created less than a problem from one point of view than I was afraid of. Competent enemies still bash the healer when we're carrying a flag or defending a base, and under those circumstances our damage was already pitiful to begin with as we received very little damage for vengeance to scale from.

More problematic are the situations when we participate in a general large scale mayhem. Our low damage makes a difference, but what hurts more is that the selfhealing we have from WoG also falls into the basement. In other words, we're much less able to make a difference when defensively defending a last stand position. Think bosses in AV or IoC.

On a positive note, however, quite a few pet-look-alike abilities still give us vengeance. If this is an error to be removed or not I don't know, but as long as it remains I'll continue to taunt pets, be they hunter pets or other classes' temporary pets.

All in all we stillfunctoin as decent flag carriers and defenders of bases. The latter case sees us shine a little less than before since dimishied damage output sometimes enables a shielded enemy to shake off our AoE damage and cap the base anyway.

Taking on another payer one on one, however, is fairly pointless now. At least if they're geared in proper PvP gear. Our pitiful damage is still more than sufficient to wear down someone in PvE gear, and since our mitigating effects haven't been diminished in any major way (WoG shield lowered) we're very hard to kill for a single oppoenent.

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