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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Controlled ninja pulling

So, you're standing ready to pull those mobs. They're marked for CC and it's time to throw that shield, or is it?

What does your party look like? Some specs can only CC efficiently pre-pull, others can peel a target after the pull is initiated.

A rogue or hunter can pull for you. While this might seem counter intuitive, if you have a multi-mob pull that could go astray, decide which of them you want to handle yourself. Most likely we're talking casters now. That melee mob could preferably be misdirected by that hunter.

One of the more problematic archetype of mobs is the archer. It just won't move unless you run around a corner, and that isn't always an option. If you have a DK with you that's not a problem at all. Have the DK Deathgrip the archer and stun it as soon as it lands.

The long corner pull. For some reason you realise you simply won't make it around that corner before the pull goes pearshaped. But for reasons of gear you still want to make it a corner pull. Again no problem. Is there anyone in hte party with a sprint or jump ability? Stand closer to the corner, let the player body aggro the entire group. Lay down a consecrate and bubble the player. Now run like mad. Or a priest could leap you the distance needed to make it around the corner in time.

The insanity race. You're trucking down everything in sight. Give that sweet group the go ahead for starting to CC and peel the next group before the current one is down. A boring dungeon is turned into an endless combat that doesn't stop until the last boss is down.

Before you're standing there ready to pull those mobs, be prepared by knowing beforehand the assets presented by your party. Don't be afraid to ask. Next time you'll know when a controlled ninja pull is the best way to start the fight.

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