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Saturday, May 28, 2011

The strength of a pug

"We haven't done it this way before."

That's at least something you're unlikely to see the entire party fall back on when things don't work as you want.

The true pug, by definition, hasn't done things in any way before. You're recently gathered, and when you run into an obstacle you're left with either following well known tactics or trying something new. While there is, admittedly, usually a preferable way to solve a problem, the pug offers you the option to try a diferent way to handle it.

A new way is more often than not a worse way, but it is also the strength of a pug. It is a new way, and as such it offers a possible insight into how to handle the given problem. It also offers insights into how to handle similar problems, and while the new way is likely to be discarded as the wrong way, from time to time you'll learn something.

Sometimes you even learn the road to a new established way of solving this type of problems.

That is the strength of the pug. It's not set in its ways.

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