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Thursday, May 26, 2011

A short piece of advice, agility 2

With Blizzards planned removal of dodge-rating gained from agility for all plate tanks, some planning is in order.

If you, like I, sport an agility ring and ditto necklace, it's about time to search for a strength based replacement before 4.2 goes live. Else we end up with two dead slots before tanking our first piece of content after the patch.

If you end up dry on luck, there are still two decent options left. An ilevel 346 ring for Revered reputation with Therazane (assuming you already have the Valor Point version) and one ilevel 346 necklace for 1230 Justice Points.

While it is likely that questing in the Firelands area will eventually yield upgrades to some slots, we don't know yet exactly what the ewards will be.

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