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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

4.2, parry and dodge

After a forum conversation with Chicken on maintankadin (thanks for the info, btw) I can give a pointer on how to rebalance balance and dodge.

Currently we try to keep parry about one percent higher than dodge raidbuffed.

Come 4.2 we want them to be exactly equal raidbuffed.

For the tankadin standing by the reforger without raidbuffs this should translate to about 200 more dodge rating than parry rating.

The difference should be covered by BoK (or similar) and Horn of Winter (or similar).

Edit: If you're eating from a feast prior to pull, you'll get 60 or 90 stamina and 60 or 90 in another 'useful stat'. That useful stat is dodge for us tankadins.  You'll have to take that into account when you tweak the difference between your ub dodge and parry.

If you know you'll always eat a feast for 90 in two stats, then a bit more than 100 higher dodge than parry is a better goal than the 200 I've stated here.

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