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Friday, June 3, 2011

Cheaper enchanting from pugging

If, for some reason, you're short on gold, short on crafting materials and short on time, getting your gear to the level you want might seem a daunting task.

While doing dailies is a requirement for getting reputation gear, and certainly helps with netting you some needed gold, they do very little to mitigate the cost of crafting materials.

This is where pugging five mans come into the picture. The troll heroics should see you set with maelstrom crystals, but they're also generally a gold sink due to repair costs.

So, rather than doing all seven troll heroics per week, you might consider doing four, or even three, and pad out the valor point cap from running four or six old style heroics. Not only will you statistically receive quite a few extra satchels of exotic mysteries, but the old style heroics are likely to be your main source of heavenly shards. As an extra bonus you're unlikely to wipe as often there, and they generally take far less time to complete.

All in all I'd estimate your netting an extra 500 gold weekly on top of getting the occasional crafting material to help you alleviate the cost of enchanting your gear. You'll also receive the occasional blue quality uncut gem.

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